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For many who are looking to fulfill fetishes and desires, it not only includes finding the right person, but also finding others who have the same fantasies as you do.  For those who are interested in more alternative lifestyles, there is a community that is waiting for you to join them.  At, you can tap into others who are looking to fulfill sexual fantasies that are more alternative, including everything from BDSM to alternative fetishes that you have been dreaming about.

Becoming Alternative

When you move into the community of alternative lifestyles, where you can express your fetishes and desires, you will start by expressing what your interests are.  This will begin with basic interests, such as who you are interested in meeting and what types of fantasies you want to fulfill.  This can include anything from watching only to performing out specific fantasies.  This will continue with defining basics, such as your body type and your extra looks.  This will then move into concepts within the alternative lifestyle, such as the role you want to play, your experience level and your orientation.  You will also be able to express yourself through your own introduction and a short commentary on your preferences.

After you have filled out your alternative basics, you will be able to move into complete access of alternative lifestyles.  With your own account, you will be able to add in questions, take purity tests, personality type tests, put in information on your fetishes and upload voice and video introductions.  This will allow others to find you that have the same interests.  You will also be able to add in love dog settings, which will let you get into detail about who you are looking for to help you in fulfilling your sexual fetishes. 

Getting Aggressive

Once you have your basics set up, you can then move into different areas to find others who want to take part in fulfilling the same fetishes as you.  This will begin with basic searches that will take you into others.  The searches can be done by finding out who is online, who is new or who has new videos.  You can combine this with general searches by demographics.  If you don’t want to get too personal right away, you can also tap into groups that are in the area, as well as local clubs that will have others who are interested in the same sexual fetishes as you. 

Once you find someone who you are interested in, you can begin to move towards the foreplay through several different means.  The two most popular ways of contacting another person is to send them an e-mail or a wink.  With this, you will be able to let the other person know that you are interested in them and will be able to see if they have the same desires as you.  You can also send them a voice message  or hotlist them.  You can move past this by checking into the chat area, where you will be able to join interest groups that may have someone who is looking for you.  If you want to make the conversation personal, than you can invite the person to speak with you through instant messenger software.

You can also connect to others through extras that are on the site and that will allow you to move further into your fetishes.  This will include finding friends that you can add into your list for even more contact.  For a different type of contact, you can also take advantage of the blogs and videos that are available online.  This is not only available for members, but also includes site experts that will contribute to blogs and the alternative lifestyle magazine. 

If you want to take advantage of even more, than your answer is to upgrade your membership on the site.  You can join as a free member with basic access to all of these options, or you can upgrade to a silver or gold membership.  This will give you full access to the sites, including more capabilities to take part in the videos, chats and extra features.

Whether you are interested in BDSM, fetishes or other alternative relationship lifestyles, you can find a community that is waiting for you to join in at  This area will provide you with instant access to several other members who are looking to join into fulfilling their desires online and to begin to find true encounters that can help you in fulfilling alternative types of sexual preferences. 


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