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Review of SexBookDates.com

SexBookDates.comm – Adult Dating Site Reviewed

SexBookDates.com is the kind of website that holds no pretentions about why it’s here and gets right to the point.  A Visitor won’t find promises of finding their ideal partner for love and romance and there are no personality or compatibility tests here, Sexbookdates.com offers good, clean, naughty fun. Period.

The website has an international flair, featuring members from all over the world, but the majority of its members seem to be predominately from the United States, Canada and Western Europe. The site features the usual search functions, allowing a visitor to search other members for a match based on sex, age, geographical location and distance. Barechestedness seems to be the norm for both men and women here. Surprisingly, there is no ability to search for a member’s particular kinks and fetishes from within the search function which this reviewer would have thought would have been a nice addition.

In addition to the ability to search for members, Sexbookdates.com also features sections that allow a visitor to see which other members are currently online as well as an ability to view the latest members who have signed up.  Mail, Text Messages and Video Chat are all available to allow members to communicate with each other.

Sexbookdates.com offers special interest groups catering for a rather wide range of both common fetishes such as Leather, Bondage, Gay/Lesbian and Interracial as well as a number of less common and unusual interests such as Hairy (There was over 22 groups for this fetish alone), Corsetry, Tattoos and Watersports.
There is also a forum section with a number of subforums for general discussion as well as men-only and women-only forums. Some of the subforums allow for polls as well as a Picture Post Forum with an am-I-hot-or-not flavour where members can comment and rate each other’s pictures. Pictures in this forum range from “Smoking hot” to “I need bleach for my eyes”, so there is something for everyone here.

The site has a video section promising over thousand free soft and hardcore streaming sex movies available for members to watch. If this is not enough, there is also an online store where members can purchase an extensive number of both downloadable sex movies as well as the ability to purchase PPM (Pay Per Minute) streaming sex movies.

The online store in addition sells a wide and varied collection of adult sex products including a collection of some of the most weirdest and colourful vibrators, as well as a large selection of massage oils and lubricants and condoms. They also sell sex dolls that cover the range from standard pornstar to downright scary.

Goto: SexBookDates.comm

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